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<translate> The DFF project wiki is a participative online place dedicated to people interested in Open Source digital investigation (or digital forensics).</translate>

<translate> We currently list a total of 67 pages. Its content is published under a Creative Commons-licensed</translate>

== <translate> What is DFF?</translate> == <translate> The Digital Forensics Framework (DFF) is both a digital investigation tool and a development platform. The framework is used by system administrators, law enforcement examiners, digital forensics researchers and students, and security professionals world-wide. Written in Python and C++, it exclusively uses Open Source technologies.</translate>

<translate> DFF combines an intuitive user interface with a modular and cross-platform architecture. If you are unfamiliar with DFF you should read this page, giving an overview of what DFF can be used for. You also should have a look to DFF official website.</translate>

== <translate> Get involved</translate> ==

<translate> Community</translate>

<translate> If you wish to be involved in DFF development and join its community, different subjects are available. Have a look to our community page on DFF's website.</translate> <translate> If you want to develop modules, this page is a good start. You can also help translating the framework or the wiki.</translate>

<translate> You can have a look to our ideas list, which can give some ideas of development. This list is not closed, so feel free to modify it if you have ideas or projects you would like to see integrated into DFF. We cannot guarantee that it will be developed, but it might interest other contributors who will be able to help you. You can also subscribe to DFF mailing list.</translate>

<translate> Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any remark or questions.</translate>

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